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Peradix Hand Exerciser Finger Trainer Egg-Shaped Grip Balls


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  • Finger trainer hand trainer set – increased diameter, suitable for large hands. The colourful ball has three range (yellow 15 kg - red 25 kg - blue 30 kg). Thanks to the 3 different hardness levels, you can adjust the difficulty level to your level perfectly. Those who want to improve their finger mobility or want to re-position the function of fingers and forearm through illness can continuously increase.
  • Ideal finger training device: thanks to the oval egg shape, this hand finger trainer fits perfectly to your hand. The surface of the finger trainer is slightly roughened to prevent annoying slipping. This increases comfort and training effect. Peradix hand trainer set no odour, no stickiness. The training eggs are washable and can be cleaned with water after use.
  • Hand strengthener one fits all: for small and large hands, seniors and teenagers. Hand training tool is suitable for a wide range of population, is especially useful in the following sports and activities: love climbing, bodybuilding, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and shooting, etc. Also perfect for PC users (programmers, writers, students)、musical instrument players (guitarists, bassists, pianists and violinists).
  • Comfortable and durable: the product is made of environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber (TPR). It is non-toxic and harmless due to chemical certification such as PAK, ROHS and O-Benzole. It is uniquely designed for long-term and frequent use. Safe, environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Perfect gift: single product size: 1.85 x 1.85 inches, small and lightweight, easy to carry and fits in your handbag. You can use it anytime and anywhere.This is a perfect exercise equipment for men, women, children regardless of your age and gender. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Handle thickness cannot be ignored.

The thickness of the handle can to some extent reflect the height of the heart.

Various data display, reduce grip force by 5 kg, then the risk of various diseases increases. When the grip strength decreases sharply, the heart function gradually decreases.

Too many people ignore the grip exercise, especially modern people are under great pressure and do not have too much time to train in the gym.

Peradix introduces a compact and lightweight grip ball.

Allow people to practice their grip anytime and anywhere.




Finger trainer hand trainer set of 3 packs.

Therapy purposes:

Hand trainer set is an ideal training set to improve grip strength overall, improve finger flexibility, avoid stiffness, relieve joint pain and at the same time promote blood circulation in the hand, and prevents an imbalance of the muscles of a single finger due to excessive use. Prevent tension, improve your flexibility and relieve pain. Especially for rheumatism where inflammation. Articulated articulation. It is recommended to move the hand gently and controlled.

Relieves stress and hand training:

The colourful ball has three ranges (red 30 pounds - yellow 50 pounds - blue 60 pounds). Three different degrees of hardness of the grip balls give you the opportunity to train your forearm or to increase hand training constantly. Muscle building is thus promoted and you have a successful variety in training.

Peradix Hand Exerciser Finger Exerciser Egg Shaped Grip Balls 3 Pieces 30-60 lbs

Good quality, no smell, no stickiness.

Red 30 pounds - yellow 50 pounds - blue 60 pounds.

Hand strengthener one fits all.