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Peradix Hand Grip Strength Stress Relief Trainer


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  • 🥚MAKE EXERCISE SIMPLE – These colorful stress relief balls in three levels of progression (15kg- 25kg- 30 kg resistance) can improve finger and grip strength for athletes (rock climbing enthusiasts, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf and shooting) and musicians (guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists). It can also relieve some of the tension and anxiety.
  • 🥚REHABILITATION & PREVENTION - Your hands probably will get quite sore from using a keyboard and mouse all day and exercising your hands with these egg shape hand therapy balls can definitely solve the issue! It is perfect for your arthritic hands, to build strength without causing injury or pain. You can also use these to try to overcome a habit of picking at hangnails and cracking my knuckles.
  • 🥚USE IT ANYWHERE ANYTIME - Our stress relief toys set has a small size and charming egg shape looking. This is a really nice size because you can fit it in your scrub pocket and take it out to squeeze when you need to. You can use it while walking, traveling (car, airplane, bus), in office, school, watching TV, phone calling or any place you want to exercise.
  • 🥚SAFE AND DURABLE FOR BOTH CHILD & ADULTS – The Hand Exercise Eggs are made of a thermoplastic rubber (TPR), but do not have a strong rubbery odor and are washable in plain water. Completely safe for kids and adults. You might find the egg gets a little bits of sand and lint when it falls into the floor, never mind, it is very easy to be cleaned by washing it under water.
  • 🥚GREAT GIFT - This set contains 3 different resistance(soft, medium and hard). Using different grade strength according to different people and purposes. The soft is better for children and the old to get finger and forearms strength. The medium is is perfect for the work man with all day work, it can maintain focus and concentration even relieve arthritic hands. The firmest is much suitable for people with certain muscles, like athlete.


This Peradix grip ball with 3 color and 3 level of resistance for excercise as below:

Purple--15 KG (33 pounds)

Black--25 KG (55 pounds)

Green--30 KG (66 pounds)

Choose the size that suits you best and find the suitable resistance for your needs.

How does the grip ball work?

Generally the grip ball is regard as a stress toy, use for strss relieve,

Business people usually works with computer day by day, it is easy to form mouse hand and cause other illness.

  • It's very necessary to excercise. Use grip ball will free your hands from mouse hand effectively.
  • It's great for stretching fingers after working on the computer for a while.
  • It's small and portable, very easy to use, you can exercise at anytime and anywhere.

Meanwhile it's rehabilitation tool for kids who have ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels and adults who with arthritis pain.

  • It is also used for preventing tension, increasing limberness and alleviating joint pain, also it's a great stress relief toys both for adults and kids


Advantages of Peradix grip ball:

  • Peradix grip ball is made of high quality TPR material, non-toxic and harmless, good resilience, small deformation, wear resistance.
  • Designed with ergonomic egg shape, compact and portable, easy to use and comfortable.Surface designed with grain, easy to grip.
  • Meanwhile, Peradix grip balls with highly tear-resistant feature, no necessary of worrying about break down, you can use it whenever and in which way you want!

Please Note:

As with all exercise and therapy equipment, individual training results may vary from person to person.

But please kindly be informed whichever resistance training will help rebuild muscle tone and strength, so try to insist do that!

Easy get cleaned by washing under water if the balls accidentally fall to the ground.

Product Information
Individual product size: 2.2"*1.75"
Packing size: 17.5*11*4cm
Gross weight: 130g
Recommended Age: 5+ years old;

Packing List
Green 30 pound ball *1
Black 50 pound ball*1
Purple 60 pound ball*1
Brand Card *1"