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Peradix Wooden Chess Sets for Adults Kids with Folding Chess Board (13.78*13.78inches)

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  • ♞【Handcrafted Magnetic Chessmen】Peradix chess set are made of high quality pine wood with solid magnets embedded in them. The unique magnetic design allows the chess piece to be firmly fixed on the board. Even if you start a board game in a car, an aeroplane or during a trip, it will not move or fall randomly. And the soft felt bottom can protect the chessboard from scratches!
  • ♞【Portable Folding Chessboard】The opening size of the portable wooden chess set is: 13.78 X 13.78 X 1.18 inches, and the folding size is: 13.78 X 6.9 X 2.4 inches. The chess board is foldable, and the box adopts a latch design, which is convenient to open or close and protects the chess pieces from being quickly lost. The size and foldable of the chess board set are very suitable for use at home, school and office.
  • ♞【Extra 2 Queens and Storage Slots】Each Staunton chess piece is handcrafted by artisans with high preciseness. Chessmen will be stored in each individual slot, no lost pieces, no more mess after your chess game. Extra kings and queens will be sent together with in case any missing from improper use.
  • ♞【Easy to Store】After finishing the chess board game, You no longer need to carry chess in a separate bag, just store them in the felted interior of the chess board with elastic straps holding. It can keep all the chessmen quietly stay in the board to keep them not missing, organized, and won’t suffer wear and tear while moving around.
  • ♞【Ideal Gift Choice for Beginner】Peradix magnetic chess set is an ideal gift for chess beginner and advanced players for this coming Christmas, thanksgiving and New Year. The chess sets for adults with the “Staunton” design make it evident to the players which piece is which with only a glance, it is very friendly to chess beginners. The fine wooden texture and handmade pieces will surely win everyone.


If you want a wooden chess set, not only to play with but to have out as a beautiful piece of art or ideal gift, this is the set for you.


Whether you are just starting to learn how to play chess or a professional, this elegant chess set adds charm to any room in the house.

In meantime, this will be a perfect Christmas, thankgiving, New Year gift also a great family or school time pass.


THE MAGNETIC CONCEPT IS SUPER COOL---The chess pieces don’t fall over as you play!

The craftsmanship and attention to detail are so impressive!

Refuse Bulky Not Foldable Board Game!

We all love traditional chess board games, Peradix keeps this tradition, meanwhile, wood + magnetic design will make the traditional chess board game keeps up with the time. It will not take much place when you finish playing the games and store it. Portable design makes it popular indooe and outdoor.

Refuse to Leave the Scratch

The pieces are hand-carved by solid pine wood with a nice feel, nicely chiseled, and stained in even tones. Every piece with an even and soft felt to prevent scratching wooden chessboard, so your chess set is still as new after every play. We send 2 extra queens along with the chess set.

Refuse to Pieces Slide Down

What’s the use in having a board game if the chess pieces don’t lay flat! Therefore, just the right amount of magnetization keeps the pieces in place on the chessboard when inevitably it will get bumped or maybe it’s a windy day.

Refuse to be Messy

All the pieces have their very own unique placement and it takes only a minute or two to put them orderly back in. The dense foam rubber inside the set securely holds the pieces to avoid defects caused by the collision of chess pieces when traveling with the board/case.

Let Us Start Playing Chess!