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Peradix Tennis Elbow Therapy Bar, Flexible Resistance Exercise Bar for Physical Therapy, Alleviates Tendonitis & Enhances Golfers Elbow, Wrist, and Forearm Pain Relief with Acupoint Massage Surface, Hand Grip Strengthener Set


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  • 💪【Three Resistance Levels】The Peradix Tennis Elbow Therapy Bar Set offers varied resistance (10LB-Green, 15LB-Blue, 25LB-Grey) to cater to diverse needs and progression levels in workouts. Start at your own pace with the light bar and progress to heavier resistance for a tailored workout experience
  • 💪【Hand Grip & Upper Body Workouts】Strengthen hands, wrists, chest, biceps, triceps, core, and forearm grip effortlessly by simply twisting or bending our flex exerciser bars. Ideal for athletes in Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Weightlifting, Boxing, and Fitness, facilitating comprehensive muscle enhancement and coordination
  • 💪【Acupoint Massage Design for Relief & Recovery】Our flex bars double as muscle massage rollers, aiding rehabilitation. Initially less comfortable due to the Acupoint Massage Design during twisting, repeated sets bring improved comfort. The ridged surface targets muscle release, fostering blood flow for a soothing massage effect, easing discomfort from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and post-injury or surgery joint issues
  • 💪【Fitness Anytime, Anywhere】Effortlessly integrate workouts into your routine, perfect for musicians, athletes, and professionals. Whether at home, in the office, or on-the-go, the portable 12.2" tennis elbow exercise tools offer convenient exercise options. Available in 3 colors with 3 resistance levels, whether you rehabilitating or doing strength training there's a bar that fits your needs
  • 💪【Great Gift Idea】Crafted from durable thermoplastic rubber with a ridged design for enhanced gripping, these Hand Therapy Bars make an excellent gift for individuals of various ages. Easy to clean under running water, maintaining a consistently fresh and hygienic workout experience, even during intense perspiration
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