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Peradix Kick Scooter Foldable Quick-Release Folding System Portable Scooters for Kids 8 Years and Up


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  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】The main frame of the Peradix Kick Scooter is made of 6061 Aluminum Alloy, also used in the construction of aircraft structures, yacht construction and so on. It can bear up to 220 lbs, making it perfect for getting across campus or from the office to the bus stop. There are 3 height settings to suit kids, teens and adults. (32.08"-34.25"-37"-40"). You do not have to keep buying a new scooter every year.
  • 【LARGER WHEELS】The 200 mm size wheel is made of PU material, which has been used in skateboard, inline-skate and roller-skate (quad) wheels for decades. It is light, wear-resistant, has a reasonable amount of grip (when dry), better shock absorption, and rebound (the ability to return to its original shape after momentary compression due to weight or pressure).
  • 【EASY TO FOLD, EASY TO GO】Easy assembly enables you to get a premium scooting within 10 minutes. The scooter is easy to fold and lightweight, also perfect to pack in the car and take anywhere on the go, making it a great choice for commuters or those looking for a quicker and more hassle-free way to get around.
  • 【GET EXERCISE SIMPLE】Kick scooters offer excellent, low-impact exercise that works all core and leg muscles at once. As the kick scooters are not officially defined as a bike, you can scoot on either the road or pavement in most cases. They are beyond fun going downhill. There is no skill to riding the kick scooter, you just kick. A kick scooter burns more calories per mile on flat ground than cycling and fewer calories per mile than walking.
  • 【IDEAL FOR CHILDREN, TEEN & ADULTS】Scooters are not just for children, so don’t get it twisted. Peradix adult scooters are designed with options that are user-friendly like rear brakes that are used to break down motion and bring the scooter to a complete stop.
  • 【SAVE YOUR TIME】Scooters, in general, are faster when compared to walking. This is perfect if you intend to cruise around the campus or within the neighborhood. It greatly reduces your chances of going late to school or catching up with a meeting and gets you to your destination in a stylish and eco-friendly fashion.
  • 【STYLE ON THE ROAD】You will get to spend more time outside and feel better from gaining enough exposure throughout the day. If you are within a small community or town, a well-designed scooter can help build your reputation.


Product Description
Brand Peradix
Color Classic Black
Handle Height 40 Inches
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Material PU-high rebound resilience
Wheel Size 7.88 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum
Wheel Type Slamm Nylon Core Wheels
Item Weight 4.8 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Adult



Why Choose Commute Scooter Nowadays?

Do you feel uneasy when you are in a crowded group on the way home or to the office because of recent special events?

Do you want to have your own transportation but do not have money to spend on a car?

Do you want to do exercise but busy stuff drives you crazy and you do not even have time to get relief?


It’s time to upgrade how you get around! Peradix commuter scooter is of quality materials, portable designs, and affordability.

You can have the most fun on two wheels while still looking like an adult.

It also saves money and time on your daily commute to and from work.

Kick scooters offer excellent, low-impact exercise that works all core and leg muscles at once. On flat ground, a kick scooter burns more calories per mile than cycling and fewer calories per mile than walking. You can do exercise without going to the gym!

  • Wheel size: 200mm/7.88", Larger wheels is of better rolling efficiency, it can get longer glide distance per push.
  • Deck size: Larger deck is easier to step on and off the scooter, generally more comfortable.
  • Deck height (distance from the ground): It is one of the biggest, but least known factors influencing the comfort of a kick scooter. Increased stability with lower center of gravity. The lower the deck, the more comfortable it will be to push the kick scooter.
  • Folding mechanism: Peradix chooses one click folding system, enables you to fold or unfold the scooter easily and quickly without getting hurt.
  • Bearing Quality and Rating: ABEC-9 Bearings, the higher the bearing rating, the higher the performance, and 9 is the highest.
  • Suspension (shock absorbers): More comfortable on rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Other attachments: Kick stand, handle bell.

The Biggest Difference Between Peradix Kick Scooter & Other Brands

  1. Peradix commuter scooter's handlebar is of all-in-one design, you do not have to worry that the handlebar will fall off when you get a violent impact or suddenly stop the scooter.
  2. The one-click folding system ensures safety during riding or when you are trying to fold or unfold the scooter. The foot-operated system might cause an accident during riding if you uncarefully step on the button. And the bolt system might hurt your fingers.

Peradix has successfully solved the above issues after a 2-year study on producing customers the most economical but of best quality scooters!


Peradix Commute Kick Scooter - A Fun Way to Get Around Town

Develop Motor Skills
Suitable for different people
More Environmental, Save Times and Money
Improve Body Balance