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Peradix Story

Peradix Story


     Peradix was born in China at the beginning of 2015. The father of the brand owner Mason is a craftsman with exquisite carpentry skills. Since Mason's childhood,his father used natural wood to make various small drum hammers,trolleys,owl wind chimes etc.,as toys for him.


    The young Mason was deeply influenced by his father and learned the toys' structure and craftsmanship by osmosis,so he formed a team and started the toys creation tour after he grew up. Mason never give up although there were lots of ups and downs in the creation of the brand and construction of the team,and finally,the brand Peradix took a place in the chess,baby bike and other toys categories. 


     The trademark "Peradix" was legally registered in the USPTO and EUIPO,meaning Perpetual progress,begin with this. Peradix team is composed of a group of young people with an average age of 25 years old. We all gathered to work for one same belief-"creating a happy but meaningful childhood for kids!"



    Things are keeping changing all the time,so are children’s needs. We are proud of our advanced design concepts,superb technology,comprehensive consideration for product safety and structure,and well-made production team,which ensure that Peradix products can keep pace with the times and kids' needs.

    Our brand mission is to"make all customers who buy from Peradix feel that Peradix product is of great value for money,and keep all children who own the Peradix product surrounded by happiness,joy,and surprise".



     Simple yet sophisticated! We are committed to innovating and creating more high-quality and parent-approved products for children all over the world. Since launching our branded stores on Amazon in 2015 and rooting in Europe and the United States markets,Peradix has always enjoyed a high reputation from customers over the world and also owns a large customer base in China market. 


      Peradix aims to become one of the best children's product brands that all children and parents will rely on and recommend to others. And we will spend no effort to make this goal come true!